News flu continues on the rise

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The flu has a firm grip on Germany. More and more people are contracting the virus, which has already claimed 17 lives this season. There is no end in sight to the flu epidemic.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had already reported a sharp increase in flu infections in January and apparently it is still not possible to speak of a decline in flu infections. Furthermore, the most common cause of influenza is the H1N1 virus – also known as swine flu. Influenza is currently occurring more frequently in eastern Germany. In Saxony alone, the health authorities reported 3841 flu cases since October 2012, including 1367 infections with the swine flu virus. Twelve percent of the illnesses took a severe course. The flu epidemic is particularly strong this year. In only three winters over the past decade, more cases of acute respiratory infections have been reported. According to experts, there is no reason to panic. Vaccination is still the best protection against influenza. It is especially recommended for high-risk patients. These include older people from the age of 60 as well as adults, children and adolescents with a previous illness.

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