News Flu wave particularly strong this year

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In Germany, the flu is on the rise. The Robert Koch Institute reports new illnesses every day and the first fatalities are already due to influenza. The flu epidemic is apparently particularly strong this winter.

Cases of influenza are currently increasing across Germany. In Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in particular, more and more people are getting the flu. In the first week of January, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 318 cases, in the last week of January, with 2667 reported infections, a significant increase in the number of diseases was reported. Eleven deaths have also been reported so far. This means that the flu wave this winter is much stronger than in the two years before. The flu was mainly caused by the A / H1N1 pathogen, also known as swine flu. The samples examined showed that 46 percent of flu cases are due to infection with the swine flu virus. However, the flu wave has not yet reached its peak. An increase in the number of diseases must be expected in the next few weeks. The best protection against infection with influenza viruses is still the flu vaccination. Even if it is recommended to be vaccinated against the pathogens in October or November of each year and thus before the start of the disease wave, vaccination can still make sense now. Because the length of a flu season can never be accurately predicted. After the injection, it takes about ten to 14 days for the vaccination protection to fully develop. The vaccination is especially recommended for children and people who are over 60 years old or who have a previous illness at particular risk of infection.

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