News Kidney stones from sugary soft drinks?

News Kidney stones from sugary soft drinks?

Kidney stones have long since become a widespread disease. According to researchers, the fact that the number of illnesses has tripled in the last ten years is due, among other things, to the high consumption of sugary soft drinks.

A research team led by Pietro Manuel Ferraro from Brigham and Womans Hospital in Boston examined over 194,000 subjects over a period of eight years. When evaluating the data collected, the scientists apparently discovered a connection between the consumption of sugary soft drinks and kidney stones. Those study participants who drank sugary showers every day showed a 33 percent higher risk of developing kidney stones than the test subjects who consumed showers no more than once a week. The consumption of coffee, on the other hand, apparently protects against kidney stones – coffee drinkers had a 26 percent lower risk of developing them.

What exactly are kidney stones?

Kidney stones occur when substances crystallize out that are usually dissolved in the urine. They often go undetected, but they can also trigger kidney colic, which manifests itself as severe pain in the lower abdomen and back. In addition to hereditary factors, lifestyle also plays a major role in the development of kidney stones. Too little drinking and an improper diet promote the formation of stones. The fact that vegetarians are significantly less likely to have kidney stones – at ten percent, they represent only a small proportion of those affected, seems to be the main reason for this.

Lemons can help prevent kidney stones

A US study came to the conclusion that lemons are particularly effective against kidney stones – they can not only prevent them, but also reduce the nuisance. This positive effect is due to the large quantities of citrates in lemons, as one of the researchers involved, Roger L. Sur of the University of California’s San Diego Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, explained. Ready-to-sell lemonade is not, however, suitable for preventing kidney stones – due to the high sugar content, it also promotes the development of kidney stones. If you want to use the natural effects of lemons, you should make lemonade yourself.

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