News Lack of sunlight makes you sick

News Lack of sunlight makes you sick

Sunlight is important for many processes in the body and protects against colds and depression. But most people spend less and less time outdoors. In the long run, a lack of sunlight can make you seriously ill.

Anyone who stays in closed rooms often runs the risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency. The body produces 80 percent of the vital vitamins in the skin with the help of sunlight. Only about 20 percent of the vitamin is ingested with food. Many people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, especially in winter. Another problem, however, is the fact that most people spend less and less time outdoors, thus depriving the skin of sunlight for the production of the vitamin. Researchers have now discussed this problem at an international conference in Boston. At the conference, the researchers presented the results of various studies in which not only the living conditions and the state of health of the test subjects were taken into account, but also their vitamin D level was determined. “We are always told that UV light is harmful, so we try to protect ourselves from it by all possible means. That’s good too, it helps preserve the skin. But too little UV light can also lead to problems, ”explained Nina Jablonski, one of the researchers involved. The vitamin D deficiency can weaken the immune system and thus increase the risk of catching a cold, flu or psychological ailments such as chronic depression. In order to prevent depression caused by vitamin D deficiency and a cold, even in the darker months of the year, it is advisable to eat more food that is rich in vitamin D. This includes, for example, oily fish such as sardines. After consulting a doctor, it can also be useful to take food supplements.

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