News Losing weight: Experts warn against diet pills

News Losing weight: Experts warn against diet pills

Rapid weight loss should be possible with diet pills. But experts warn against losing weight with medication. Apparently, the slimming products can have serious side effects.

The Internet offers dieters a wide range of products that are said to help with weight loss and can significantly boost weight loss. Experts, however, doubt the effectiveness of the slimming products, and even assume that in the best of cases the preparations have no effect at all. In the worst case scenario, diet pills could lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Also, deaths should be linked to the use of diet pills. The fact that the slimming pills can be dangerous is apparently mainly due to the fact that it is not clear which ingredients the means are composed of. Only recently the main customs office in Koblenz had seized a preparation that contained the active ingredient sibutramine. The appetite suppressant is banned in Germany and was not listed as an ingredient on the package insert. The Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center therefore warns all people who want to lose weight against carelessly buying products on the Internet. Consumers should not order any slimming products whose ingredients are not listed on the packaging. It is also advisable not to buy from abroad – according to the consumer advice center, companies based abroad can only be prosecuted with difficulty if there is health damage.

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