News Moldy berries: Throw in the trash?

News Moldy berries: Throw in the trash?

Fresh berry fruits are a pleasure, but when moldy berries can still be eaten and when they should be thrown away, explains the initiative “Too good for the bin!” Of the Federal Ministry of Consumption.

In a press release, the Federal Ministry of Consumer Affairs informs about when and how moldy berries can be saved and when they have to be thrown away as part of the “Too good for the bin!” Initiative. Berry fruit is extremely sensitive and does not have a long shelf life, but on the other hand it is only edible if it has been picked when ripe. The initiative initially gives tips on how to avoid moldy berries. So it is advisable to put strawberries and Co. on top when shopping so that they do not get bruises. Pressed berries spoil faster. At home, they should be carefully transferred to a shallow bowl where they can lie loosely next to each other. They can be kept in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for another two to three days. If there are a few pressed, but not yet rotten or moldy berries, they should be eaten immediately or made into jam. Shakes or quark dishes with the slightly damaged fruits also taste delicious. Putrid berries should be sorted out immediately, as they can mold quickly and moldy berries are actually ripe for the trash and can no longer be saved. This is because the berries are very juicy and have a high water content. This allows the fungal spores to spread very well and even where they cannot be seen at first glance.

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