News mushroom poisoning: numbers have risen

News mushroom poisoning: numbers have risen

In the mushroom season from August to October, the risk of mushroom poisoning is always quite high. Because many hobby collectors are fooled by appetizing-looking but poisonous mushrooms. This year the number of poisonings even increased.

Not every poisonous mushroom shines in such a bright warning color as the fly agaric. Many disguise themselves as edible conspecifics and can lead to mushroom poisoning with inexperienced collectors. This year the number of diseases caused by poison mushrooms has increased compared to previous years. In northern Germany alone there were 80 suspected cases in September – an average of two to three possible mushroom poisoning per day – said a spokesman for the Poison Information Center North (GIZ-Nord). Three of these 80 sufferers even suffered life-threatening mushroom poisoning. The fact that the number of mushroom poisonings has increased led to bottlenecks in the laboratories because the experts were not prepared for such a high demand. The three people with life-threatening mushroom poisoning were hospitalized. The poison experts found that in all three cases it was the poison of the green leaf mushroom. The symptoms of poisoning with the green death cap mushroom show up after about eight to ten hours. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are part of it and if something is not done in time, only an organ transplant can save the lives of those affected. If you want to protect yourself from mushroom poisoning, you should only eat mushrooms that you know very well and that you are one hundred percent sure are edible. If you have the slightest doubt, it is better not to eat the mushrooms. After the number of poisoning incidents increases, this rule of thumb can be useful in bringing them back down.

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