News No special diet for diabetes

News No special diet for diabetes

According to a long-term study, people with diabetes do not have to eat a different diet than healthy people. When it comes to lifestyle, diabetics do not have to take any special recommendations into account.

Scientists from the German Institute for Nutritional Research in the Epidemiology Department evaluated data from over 250,000 people in their observational study. The study participants included 258,911 people without diabetes and 6,384 people with diabetes. The researchers calculated different relationships to the mortality risk in both groups. Among other things, the body mass index, a large number of food groups, alcohol consumption and smoking activity as well as physical activity were used. According to the scientists’ findings, people with diabetes are over 60 percent more likely to die. In both study groups, however, roughly the same factors influenced the risk. The mortality risk increases in people with diabetes and people without diabetes, for example, due to a lack of exercise, high alcohol and nicotine consumption, obesity and an unhealthy diet. The only differences were in the strength of the relationship to the factors, not the risk itself. Rather, the researchers noticed that diabetics can reduce their risk of death by eating a healthy diet. “The study is an indication that the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle for people with and without diabetes should be the same,” report the experts.

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