News Obesity & obesity continues to rise

News Obesity & obesity continues to rise

The number of Germans who are obese or obese is increasing. Men and young adults in particular are increasingly struggling with being extremely overweight.

A congress on the subject of obesity and obesity took place in Hanover last week. The increasing number of morbid obesity makes it more and more urgent to find solutions and to develop new therapies and measures for prevention.

The congress president of the annual meeting of the German Obesity Society, Prof. Martina de Zwaan estimates: “Overall, almost a quarter of the German population is obese”. Obesity or obesity is when the body mass index (BMI) is higher than 30. This is calculated from the weight in kilograms divided by the height in meters squared. This means that if you are 1.65 meters tall, a weight of around 81.7 kilograms would be considered obese and if you are 1.80 meters tall, a weight of 97.2 kilograms or more.

Obesity and obesity not only cause illness in the body – high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and shortness of breath are few physical effects – they also affect the soul. Martin Wabitsch, President of the German Obesity Society, explains: “Obesity is a brain disease, not a lifestyle phenomenon.

Fighting obesity is not a simple matter that can be done overnight. According to experts, there is no such thing as miracle pills. In the treatment of morbidly overweight people, a combination of diet change, exercise and behavior therapy is usually tried first. Only when this does not show any improvement even after six months, surgical interventions such as gastric bypass or stomach reduction can be considered.

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