News pharmacies: the business of the common cold

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Those who buy medication in the pharmacy when they have a cold are obviously often poorly served. Because according to the NDR consumer and business magazine “Markt”, customer advice in many pharmacies leaves a lot to be desired.

Since June 1, 2012, pharmacists have been obliged to advise their customers in accordance with the pharmacy regulations. But very few pharmacists seem to take this duty seriously. The NDR consumer and business magazine “Markt” came to the conclusion in a random test. Test subjects bought various cold medicines in ten pharmacies and spent an average of 30 euros on them. However, almost all of the test subjects apparently did not receive individual advice. Only in one of the ten pharmacies was the patient asked about the symptoms that expressed the common cold. The NDR had already tested pharmacies a few months earlier and came to the conclusion that the patients were often given no or only insufficient advice. However, experts agree that advice is important when buying medication. Because if many different drugs are issued together, there is a risk that the drugs sold will not go well with those that have already been taken. However, most pharmacists did not ask whether the patient also needed other medication on a regular basis. “As a pharmacist, you should be certain of which drugs are being taken. We are working on increasing the awareness of pharmacies that something like this does not happen, ”said Christiane Eckert-Lill from the Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations (ABDA) in an interview with the NDR at the time. However, there is still no new position from the ABDA on the current results of the test purchases.

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