News Probiotic yogurt is overrated

News Probiotic yogurt is overrated

According to experts, probiotic yogurt is overrated when it comes to its health benefits. Although it is not harmful, it does not necessarily work miracles either. There is a lack of reliable data for demonstrable positive effects.

Probiotic yogurt is often touted as a health miracle cure in advertisements. It should help against gas, bloating and other digestive problems. However, this beneficial effect is overrated. It cannot be ruled out that probiotic yogurt is beneficial for health, but this has not yet been proven. At the 65th annual meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology, which takes place from September 22nd to 25th, Rostock-based medical professor Andreas Podbielski said: “Unfortunately, we don’t know which people benefit from what and why.” That means, more probiotic Yogurt can have positive health effects for some people – but this can only be a coincidence. Some manufacturers claim that the success rate is 20 percent, but Podbielski considers these numbers to be overrated and “still lousy”. In any case, probiotic yogurt does not harm your health. Some patients who have a disturbed intestinal flora after taking antibiotics could actually benefit from it: “With very few exceptions, such as severe mucosal dysfunction, you can’t go wrong,” says Podbielski. Probiotic yogurt contains viable microorganisms. If it or other probiotic foods are used to treat sick people, this is a matter that belongs in the hands of doctors and pharmacists. Because in this case it is a kind of medicine – and it can lead to side effects or be dosed incorrectly. “If one day you want to give sensible probiotic therapy, then that will no longer be a matter for the supermarkets,” emphasizes Podbielski.

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