News Semi-hard cheese often contaminated with mold
News semi hard cheese often contaminated with mold

News Semi-hard cheese often contaminated with mold

The Bavarian Consumer Center found something terrifying: Sliced ​​cheese from the supermarket often shows mold.

Anyone who buys semi-hard cheese in the supermarket should be careful. Mold often forms on the pre-cut cheese slices before the best-before date has expired. In an investigation by the Bavarian Consumer Center, 60 percent of the cheese samples tested spoiled after a few days. In order to carry out the market study, consumer advocates bought 40 different types of cheese in the greater Munich area and had them examined by the Central Institute for Nutrition and Food Research in Weihenstephan. The semi-hard cheese was examined every day – after a few days the first molds had spread on the slices. According to the information on the packaging, the cheese should have a longer shelf life. The types of cheese that were cut by the retailers themselves and sold in the self-service counters mold particularly quickly. 25 samples of sliced ​​cheese were examined, 15 of which had gone bad before the best-before date was reached – that is 60 percent. The semi-hard cheese, which had been packaged in a protective atmosphere by the manufacturer, held up better. Only 20 percent of the samples showed mold prematurely. Marion Breithaupt-Endres, Board Member of the Bavarian Consumer Center, calls for consequences: “The best-before date of freshly cut cheese must be reconsidered and realistically improved by the providers.”

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