News Soft Drinks: Do They Make Children Aggressive?

News Soft Drinks: Do They Make Children Aggressive?

Soft drinks are suspected of making young children aggressive. This is the conclusion reached by American researchers who published a study on this topic in the Journal of Pediatrics.

It seems that frequent consumption of soft drinks in children leads to aggressive behavior. The American researchers examined around 3,000 children as part of the “Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study” – in German “Study on broken families and the wellbeing of children”. These came from socially disadvantaged neighborhoods in various major US cities. The mothers had to provide information about the eating habits of the whole family and tick in a “Child Behavior Checklist” – a questionnaire on the behavior of their children – how their child behaved and whether it was prone to problematic – i.e. aggressive – behavior. Mothers whose sons and daughters consumed four or more soft drinks per day described their offspring as aggressive twice as often. They stated that the children with the high consumption of soft drinks were more likely to break other people’s objects, quarrel more often or even physically attack other people. Shakira Suglia of the Mailman School of Public Health in New York points out that boys and girls who consume soft drinks often have attention deficits or solitary behavior. She also emphasizes that similar observations have been made in adolescents who drink soft drinks frequently. However, the fact that the study cannot be representative, as only mothers of children from socially disadvantaged areas were surveyed about their soft drink consumption, must be limited. In addition, it has not been sufficiently clarified whether the boys and girls really become aggressive because of the soft drinks or whether this could have other causes.

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