News study: Adolescents often lack the knowledge to lose weight

News study: Adolescents often lack the knowledge to lose weight

Many overweight young people want to lose weight, but often don’t know what to do to get it. This information deficit affects both the rules of healthy eating and effective exercise. This problem was shown by a recent US study in which around 44,000 young people participated.

A common mistake made by the female test subjects was the excessive consumption of heavily sweetened drinks such as lemonades. Although many overweight girls exercise regularly, they absorb the calories burned through the sugar in the drinks, which hinders weight loss. The study also confirms the well-known problem of computer gamers: especially male adolescents spend more and more time in front of the PC and reduce their sporting activities. Experts from the youth medicine committee in the professional association of paediatricians in Cologne agree that it is important to educate young people. They suggest group programs to parents, supervised by a trained coach. Overweight children can share their experiences here. The coaches also give them advice on how their diet should be structured. The combination of the right diet with regular exercise is the ideal way to lose weight.

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