News study: yo-yo effect prevents diet success

News study: yo-yo effect prevents diet success

Almost half of all women and a quarter of men were already on a diet. But the dreaded yo-yo effect prevents the weight loss from lasting long. As a study shows, six out of ten diets fail because of this.

In the current nutritional study “Iss was, Germany?” By Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), 1000 people were asked about various health topics. Among other things, the study participants also provided information on whether they have ever been on a diet and which method they had chosen. It turned out that the most popular weight loss methods are “Eat half” (FdH), the temporary eating of individual foods such as salad, pineapple or cabbage and counting calories or points. The fact that these dieting methods are of dubious use is proven by the information given by the test subjects about their weight: Six out of ten people who wanted to lose weight had the dreaded yo-yo effect after the end of the diet – they eventually returned to their original weight or weighed even more than before the diet. “With a one-sided diet, you go without certain foods for a limited period of time. Meanwhile, the organism runs on the back burner. When the diet is over, you usually fall back into old habits and the body then even builds up more energy reserves, ”says TK nutrition expert Nicole Battenfeld, explaining the principle of the yo-yo effect. Overall, the study results confirm what has been known for years: only a change in diet leads to the desired success in the long term. After all, 46 percent of Germans have already tried this route. In six out of ten cases, the conversion also worked in the long term. The fact that 36 percent of people who changed their diet failed, however, proves that a change in diet also has its pitfalls. The main reason for failure: a lack of stamina. A tip from the nutrition expert: “It helps to tell family and friends about the project – on the one hand, because then you don’t give up so quickly and on the other hand, because the support is good and you might even find colleagues.”

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