News Weight Loss: Are Men Not Dieters?

News Weight Loss: Are Men Not Dieters?

For many women, diets are part of everyday life – men, on the other hand, apparently want to lose weight less often. According to a recent survey, only one in ten men tries to lose weight.

According to a publication by the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, almost 70 percent of German men and around 50 percent of German women are overweight. Although men are much more likely to be overweight, they don’t seem to find they need to lose weight. Because of the men who took part in a survey by the “Apotheken Umschau”, only twelve percent had been on a diet in the past five years. Women declared war on the extra pounds significantly more often – three out of ten women had dieted at least once during the same period. Women between the ages of 30 and 39 seem to want to lose weight particularly often – according to the survey, four out of ten women in this age group have made at least one attempt to lose weight in the last five years. Women are also much more willing to experiment than men when it comes to losing weight: every second woman tried out new diet models, while men preferred to lose weight with the well-known diets instead.

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