News Weight Loss: Using Bacteria Against Obesity?

News Weight Loss: Using Bacteria Against Obesity?

Instead of a diet, an intestinal bacterium could help you lose weight in the future. The bacterium should also be able to improve type 2 diabetes. At least tests with rodents suggest this.

The bacterium “Akkermansia muciniphila” was only discovered ten years ago by Belgian researchers and usually makes up five to ten percent of the intestinal flora in healthy people. In obese patients, however, the bacterium is found in a significantly lower amount in the intestine. Experts assume that a low number of the bacterium means that more energy sources are absorbed by the intestine and pollutants can get into the blood. The increased consumption of energy sources presumably leads to obesity, the excessive passage of pollutants can apparently favor a disease of type 2 diabetes.
An experiment with mice showed that a high-fat diet led to a lower colonization of the intestine with A. muciniphila. If the rodents were fed the bacteria again, however, they lost weight again. The blood sugar levels of the mice also improved as a result. However, further studies must now show whether the results can also be applied to humans.

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