Nicos: one of the most traditional restaurants in Mexico

Nicos: one of the most traditional restaurants in Mexico

Nicos is one of the most famous names when it comes to gastronomy traditional Does Mexico. To know the country, you need to eat tacos in at least one place, especially if you want to have even greater contact with Mexican culture.
In addition to being a classic, the restaurant has been awarded several times and visiting it is a experience complete. Like peppers are successful there and they are very proud to have one of the most spicy dishes in the world! To the vegetarian and veganoptions are not lacking. At the menu you find alternatives for different tastes and that’s why the Nicos ends up being the darling of many.
Nicos Mexico


To explain a little better the story of the restaurant, which has over 60 years of experience, we need to understand its Mexican roots. To know true tacos, tortillas and guacamole just going to Mexico and tasting in a traditional place like Nicos.
It is currently in the ranking of 50 best restaurants of Latin America according to “The World 50 best restaurants”. And this fame is undoubtedly no wonder, especially for the wonderful dishes, great service and cozy decor. Something highly praised are the desserts and drinks from Nicos, which make the restaurant even better and more complete.


Nicos Mexico

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To start talking about the incredible menu and full of options that the Nicos has, we need to highlight what most caught our attention: the Guacamole. This classic is served in a personalized and exclusive way for you at your table. The recipe is not a secret and you can observe closely how to do. The dish made with avocado and spices can be ordered in the original version, vegetarian and even super spicy.
They have 8 soup options ranging from simpler options like those made with beans to the famous dry cream soup. In addition, they have three menus for non-vegetarians, each focused on: meat, poultry and seafood.


You can already see that the Nicos menu has alternatives for everyone and vegetarian and vegan choices are not left out. In addition to Guacamole and soups that can be chosen from versions veg, there are exclusive meatless dishes on the Nicos for those who have this dietary restriction.
One of the best vegetarian and vegan options is a dish that mixture pineapple, orange, cucumber, peppers, onions, mint and coriander. Can you imagine how curious this unusual mix is? Just going there to know and taste this and other combinations different.
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