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Night treatments

Beauty care takes an often precious time in our daily lives. For those who feel they have no time to lose, night treatments are the ideal solutions.

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There are many specific products for this time: more powerful moisturizers, powerful masks, anti-aging creams … Of course, I also have some tips on what works best for me and enhances these products ?



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For starters, the oils have a less intense hydration content and letting them act for longer will guarantee a better result. Try to put argan oil on the tips during the night, the result will be much better than on a daily basis. For those with drier hair, usually curly and curly, it is worth trying a moisturizer with coconut oil.
In addition to oils, you will find several specific products for night treatments. They are usually thicker creams that we avoid during the day, but at night they work miracles. Try to take a look at the products of the brands you use most, you will surely find some of these creams.

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