No bees, no food

No bees, no food

Who doesn’t love honey here? More than that, bees are super important for the environment and for our life!

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The campaign No bees, no food is part of the initiative Bee or not be? it is one of those initiatives that attract attention, because it makes us reflect on the theme. Anyone who follows me on the snap has already seen that I now have a beautiful hive – and it came all painted with cupcakes, cute! And don’t be alarmed, we have the stingless species, the Jatai bees.

Nothing better than talking about it today, October 16, the World Food Day. I heard so much about this campaign that I couldn’t help telling you. Not only do bees produce one of the most delicious and natural foods we find out there, they are responsible for 70% of the pollination of all agricultural crops (almonds, for example, depend 100% on bees to pollinate) and 85% of all the flora of nature.


Photo – Agribusiness Portal

What is happening is that these very important animals are disappearing. The reasons are diverse: diseases, pests, fungi, mites, viruses, climate change, deforestation, nutritional deficit and, of course, pesticides (mainly neonicontinoid pesticides).
If you, like me, are concerned about this situation, it’s past time to help. Do you know how? Consuming organic products (which do not use these pesticides so strong that they can kill thousands of hives when used), not using pesticides, do not destroy hives, plant more and more trees and flowers … In addition to all this you can also have a hive inside House!

Photo – Disclosure

The project also supports the awareness of children with special books and has an application, the Bee Alert, which records and monitors the occurrence of disappearance or death of bees around the world (this app was created especially for the scientific community, beekeepers and honey producers). To learn more just access the website and learn more about the initiative!

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