No-carb Avoiding carbohydrates is harmful to the brain and body

No-carb Avoiding carbohydrates is harmful to the brain and body

No-carb and gluten-free diets are trendy. But according to experts, cutting off carbohydrates can have drastic health consequences.

Today, carbohydrates are considered to be the fattening foods. The consequences of this are low-carb or even no-carb diets. The latter means the largely complete waiver (less than 5%) of carbohydrates. So no pasta, no bread, no muesli and no rice.

The weight loss gurus promise that the pounds will drop and the fat reserves will dwindle. But is it actually healthy to completely avoid carbohydrates? Doctors and nutritionists have a clear answer to this.

No carb harms your brain

Those who do not consume carbohydrates are also doing without dietary fiber. These are mainly found in cereals – and naturally in vegetables. But the human body needs fiber, especially the intestines and the brain. Dietary fiber is considered to be central to the prevention of Alzheimer’s and a healthy brain. A deficiency can have many effects:

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • confusion

  • Anxiety

  • Bad mood

Perhaps you know it from your own experience: Those who eat little fiber feel stressed more quickly than others. No-carb promises less body weight, but your brain pays the price for it.

Your body needs carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are our body’s favorite energy: they are quickly converted into energy in the muscles and are readily available. It is not for nothing that competitive athletes like to organize a pasta party before intensive sports units. Carbohydrates also play a role in regeneration after exercise.

If they are not available because of a no-carb diet, your body is forced to resort to protein. But the body actually needs this elsewhere, for example to build muscle.

And the missing fiber comes into play again: the intestine needs it to do its digestive work properly. If they are absent because of a no-carb diet, unpleasant constipation and metabolic problems quickly develop.

Woman with tape measure

Effective diet
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How much and what carbohydrates you should eat

No-carb is therefore not healthy, even if it can help you lose weight. For a crash diet, it may still be okay to avoid carbohydrates for a short time, but as a permanent form of nutrition, no-carb is harmful to your health!

But which composition of nutrients is recommended how many carbohydrates should your food contain and which ones? A few key data from nutritional science provide orientation:

  • Experts recommend that around 40 to 50% of your diet should consist of carbohydrates.

  • Complex carbohydrates are particularly recommended. These keep the blood sugar level stable for a long time and ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Complex carbohydrates are found in fruits and whole grain products. White flour and refined sugar, on the other hand, contain mostly simple carbohydrates.

  • Try to eat lots of brown rice, whole grains, and oatmeal. These foods keep the brain going with valuable ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. You need the fiber it contains for a healthy brain and digestion.

And our beloved chocolate? Even if consumed in moderation, this is healthy for the brain, provided it is dark chocolate. Because it contains many phytochemicals that have a beneficial effect on blood vessels. So everything is fine. You don’t have to become an ascetic or completely cut out carbohydrates to keep a healthy, slim figure.

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