No dry lips

No dry lips

The cold comes, the humidity decreases and it is clear that our body suffers some consequences. The lips need special attention at this time of year, because, in addition to being super sensitive, they are exposed most of the time. To prevent them from drying out, you need to use and abuse specific products for that region – and drink lots of water!

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Hydration is certainly the first thing that comes to mind, isn’t it? But if you already have this drier region, you can bet on very potent products at night, like bepantol! On a daily basis it is important to carry at least one balm and sunscreen in your bag. Even when the sun is out, you need to protect the region, see?
And if you want to make your lips even more amazing, do an exfoliation every week – your mouth is super soft!

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There are several great products for you to try, but I’ve already selected my favorites! The purchase links are below ?

  1. Bepantol Lip Regenerator at Drogaria SP | R $ 35.73
  2. Bubblegum Exfoliating Labia by Lush | R $ 43.80
  3. Clinique Color Balm Chubby Stick Moisturizer | R $ 79.00
  4. Lip Care Lip Care Nivea Sun Protect Fps30 in America | R $ 13.87
  5. The Beauty Box Vanilla Candy Lip Balm | R $ 16.90

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