No more bloating For these 5 reasons you eat too much – and so you can finally change it!

No more bloating For these 5 reasons you eat too much - and so you can finally change it!

Cozy evening on the couch with a delicious plate of pasta or pizza in hand – everyone knows this situation. But eating in this way often makes us overeat. More than you need

Probably all of us know the feeling of fullness after a delicious meal. This is often due to the fact that the body does not signal to us until 15 minutes after eating that it is full. And often we eat until this signal occurs. The feeling of “being over-eaten” is practically inevitable.

But not just being very hungry can lead to overeating. Jenny Morris is a behavioral psychologist at the University of Sussex, UK, studying causes of bloating after eating. The researcher came up with the following five reasons why we overeat and how best to avoid it:

1. Distraction

A cozy snack in the evening on the couch while watching TV or quickly checking the news on the mobile phone at breakfast is normal for us. Without that, our brain is not busy enough when eating – they say. But it is precisely this type of food intake that is harmful to the body. Because the distraction ensures that we eat our food not only faster, but also more unconsciously. This leads to the fact that we do not notice when we are full, or even overlook situations that would normally lead to the interruption of eating, such as the food does not taste good.

So concentrate consciously on every bite, eat slowly and chew the food sufficiently – this is how you avoid overeating.

2. Serving size

Eating too much can also be affected by the serving size and the size of the plate. In an American study on satiety, participants were given soup with their meals. During the meal, half of the bowls were slowly and unnoticed refilled through a tube under the table. The result: Participants whose bowls were secretly refilled ate 73 percent more of the soup than those who had to refill the soup themselves. They neither had the feeling that they had eaten more nor were fuller than the participants with the normal bowls. So larger portions tempt you to overeat.

Try a smaller plate next time. So you automatically load yourself on less food, but still have the feeling of having eaten a whole portion.

Couple in the restaurant

Eat too fast
Why you should take the time to eat

Stressful eating is unhealthy. A Japanese study shows that eating too quickly can cause a number of health problems.

3. Eat together

As nice as it is to enjoy the most important meal of the day with loved ones, it is also bad for our health. Because the more comfortable we feel with the people we eat with, the more likely we are to overeat and adapt to the eating habits of the other person. To avoid this cause of the feeling of fullness, it does not mean that in the future you will only be allowed to eat alone in the quiet little room. Try to consciously focus on your food in company and When in doubt, prefer to eat from a smaller plate – this prevents you from overeating.

4. Diversity

Sure, each of us has our favorite dishes that we would like to eat every week. That is a good thing. Because the usual taste of food prevents us from overeating, as we lose the pleasure of it faster. Science calls this a “sensory-specific saturation”. Anyone who regularly provides a lot of variety in terms of taste increases the sensory-specific saturation effect. The result: Those who eat more varied have more pleasure in eating and thus eat more. All-you-can-eat buffets in particular can be dangerous here and tempt you to overeat.

Better: A varied and healthy diet is the alpha and omega of a diet. Try to put the different dishes on different days and avoid buffets or large multi-course meals.

5. Alcohol

After a long night of partying, would you like to go to the fast food place around the corner? Got caught? Each of us has probably committed this sin at some point. And the cravings are no accident. Alcohol stimulates certain nerve cells in the brain, which then lead our body to believe that it is very hungry. The desire for something hearty increases and the food becomes even tastier. This leads us to overeat.

Just try to drink a glass of water every now and then on the next party night. On the one hand, this prevents the hangover, fills the stomach and thus lowers the desire for unhealthy fast food on the way home.

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