No more carbohydrates in the evening. That really does without bread & Co.!

No more carbohydrates in the evening. That really does without bread & Co.!

It’s called dinner, but baked goods, pasta and pizza in the evening shouldn’t be really healthy. We reveal when it is best to consume carbohydrates.

No more carbohydrates after 6 p.m.? We memorize these and other myths in the course of our dieting life. But if you are hungry for a plate of pasta or a slice of bread in the evening – do you really have to do without it, because otherwise the cushions on your hips, stomach and bottom will grow?

This is what carbohydrates do in our body

Carbohydrates are important to provide our body with the energy it needs. However, they also cause blood sugar levels to rise, releasing the hormone insulin. In this way, carbohydrates enter the cells in the form of glucose or fructose, which in turn are supplied with energy.

Low carb is a popular way to lose pounds - but does it harm our body?

Low Carb – How Healthy Is It To Avoid Carbohydrates?

Low carb diets actually work. The only question is, are we harming our health?

In the evening or during the day – when should you eat carbohydrates?

If you no longer consume any carbohydrates in the evening, your body falls back on its fat deposits. This can actually help you lose weight. But even if you do without pasta and Co. during the day, fat can be broken down, for example if you do sport and use more energy than you consume.

Conclusion: It is not important when you consume the carbohydrates, but the total amount of energy distributed over the day. So: If you want to lose weight permanently and without the yo-yo effect, you should focus on sport and consume fewer calories than you burn.

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