No sweet sin These 5 desserts will help you lose weight

No sweet sin These 5 desserts will help you lose weight

When you shouldn’t, cravings are the worst. The sweet dessert during a diet is a great temptation for many. Fortunately, there are these five delicacies that literally do not weigh heavily.

There are desserts without a lot of sugar or fat and with few calories? Yes exactly. And some of them are so healthy that they even help you lose weight!

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Chocolate, Popcorn & Co.
These feasts actually make you slim!

The latest studies show: Sweet treats and supposedly unhealthy foods make you slim!

1. Melon sorbet

Process the pitted pulp of a honeydew melon in a blender into a fine puree. Add a splash of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoons of maple syrup and a pinch of vanilla. Then place in the freezer for about two to three hours. Enjoy decorated with a peppermint leaf.

2. Balinese avocado mousse

Peel and core an avocado and puree in a blender. Add fresh coconut milk to create a creamy, but firm mousse. Add a little honey and stir in. Serve in a bowl and with fresh berries.

3. Inverted peach crumble

Mix the chopped almonds and, if desired, other nuts with a little egg whites. Briefly bake in the oven in a small baking dish. Cut the sweet peaches into thin wedges and place on the nut base. Pour honey and a little vanilla sugar over it and cook again briefly in the oven until the peaches caramelize. Eat lukewarm.

4. Chocolate popcorn

Make some popcorn in a saucepan. Melt some dark chocolate in a second pot in a double boiler. Pour the liquid chocolate over the finished popcorn and sprinkle with a little salt if necessary while the chocolate is still warm.

5. Macarons

The popular small French-style macarons only have between 120 and 150 calories and are ideal for a “café gourmand”: Prepare an espresso in a cup and serve it on a plate with two macarons with different tastes.

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