No wonder you shouldn’t follow this superfood hype from Asia!

No wonder you shouldn't follow this superfood hype from Asia!

In addition to chia seeds, goji berries and celery juice, another food is said to have made it onto the list of hyped superfoods: perilla oil. But we will tell you whether the Asian plant perilla, also called Shiso, keeps its wonderful promises and how effective the supposed miracle cure really is.

Again and again a new food is lifted into the sky and receives an award as a so-called superfood. Some foods can live up to their label as a hyped miracle drug, but others are said to have more than they can actually fulfill – so does the new superfood: perilla oil.

Crisp green, low in calories: In the video above, we tell you what the superfood celery is all about.

Perilla originally comes from Asia and is an integral part of the cuisine there. In addition to perilla, the plant species also bears the names shiso or sesame leaf. In this country you will no longer find perilla only in Asian dishes, but also as an oil or dietary supplement in tablet form, we have recently come across the seeds of perilla more and more often. But is the hype about the plant justified?

Terrifying study: unhealthy eating can cause dementia!


Terrifying study
Eating unhealthy foods can cause dementia

Being unable to remember, forgetting loved ones – many people are afraid of dementia. Australian researchers have now analyzed that this serious disease can be triggered by unhealthy food.

False promises

Perilla should convince with its ingredients: Above all, the seeds should contain plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the form of linolenic and linoleic acid and have a high antioxidant effect. Heart health should therefore benefit from the plant and protect against cancer.

Opposite the fitness and health portal “Fitbook” says Professor Nicolai Worm, qualified ecotrophologist, about the new superfood: “The same essential fatty acids as in perilla oil are also contained in large quantities in flaxseed, rapeseed and walnuts.” You can buy 90 perilla oil Tablets on the Internet pay a hefty price of almost 15 euros and a quarter liter of perilla seed oil can cost over 20 euros. The professor continues and clarifies: “It does not protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer!”

So if you want to rely on fatty acid capsules, you don’t have to resort to the perilla variant. Omega-3 fatty acids are generally good for your health, but Professor Worm recommends that you choose fish oil capsules from the drugstore or pharmacy.

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Natural appetite suppressant

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