Norma’s at Le Park Meridien – NY

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As it has become a tradition, every year Paty and I have breakfast at a hand-picked place here in New York. And it happens twice a year. One on my birthday and one on her birthday. The first time was last year at Balthazar. Then, in May, we met at The Palm, inside The Plaza Hotel, where Gatsby and so many other films and series were filmed. And both became posts here at ICKFD. This time, in December, I add another place to have an excellent and hearty breakfast in the city: Norma’s, inside Le Park Meridien in Midtown.
With a relaxed and casual atmosphere, it is considered one of the 10 best breakfasts by Zagat Survey and for New York Magazine. Obviously, making a name for yourself in major publications like these is like guaranteeing a full house ‘forever’ here in the Big Apple, and many foodies like me are always looking for places like this, after all we want to prove by A plus B how interesting , sensory and true is the experience.
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It was like that with Norma’s. I spent (no joke) days and days reading reviews and trying to decide which place would be perfect to celebrate the friendship. Among so many options, Norma’s fit like a glove. And here is my humble opinion: there is the master tip – be sure to make a reservation. Because it is located inside the Hotel, guests also have a captive place there. Another thing, if you prefer a quieter place, this will definitely not be your spot. The buzz is constant and the volume of cutlery and blablablás is high… lol.
The modern and casual atmosphere is an invitation to make you feel at ease and the menu is divided into sessions and takes fun names such as ‘Crepes with style’, ‘Benny sent me …’ (Benny sent me… ) or ‘Mom can’t make this’.
Ah! And amazingly, there is an option on the menu called ‘The zillion dollar Lobster Fritatta’ – a lobster fritatta with two types of caviar that costs 1000 dollars !!! And there is also a note just below the name, playing with the fact, saying that Norma doubts that you spend money on it … lol.
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And in this playful and casual tone, the service is good and the options are many, having the reputation that all the items on the menu are delicious. When you sit down, the waiter soon offers you a sip of the smoothie of the day. Orange juice is also a refill. And if you choose regular coffee, you’ll have a giant teapot just for you.
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Among so many options, I ordered scrambled eggs with bacon and colored potatoes and Paty opted for Benedict eggs. Mine also accompanied toast, butter and two different jams made in the restaurant itself – one blueberry and another apple with cinnamon. Delicious.
The portions are gigantic. This means that ordering different dishes and sharing with someone is a great idea. It is also valid to have this breakfast around 9:30 and have lunch only in the late afternoon. Great brunch option by the way !!!!
We had a delicious morning, full of conversation and full of flavors. Exact and juicy. Paty told me that her Benedict eggs were perfect and my potatoes … nom nom. We were trying to figure out how they were made. Probably cooked, fried and then roasted. All at the same time and now …
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As we each ordered a dish, there was no space left to try a stack of french toast, french toast or waffle =[Iheardtheyarefromanotherworld!Anywaythisisagreatexcusetocomebackdon’tyouthink?[ouvidizerquesãodeoutromundo!Dequalquerformaessaéumaótimadesculpaparavoltarnãoacham?
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If you want to know more information or make a reservation (essential – mainly for Sunday brunches) take note of the website:

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