Not obvious lunch boxes and lunch boxes

Not obvious lunch boxes and lunch boxes

There’s nothing better than eating something made at home, right? In addition to being much healthier, we save a lot on a daily basis! Lunch boxes are more and more common in work environments, college, courses… There is no longer that concept of “tacky” bringing food from home, today is the best option we have!

Photo – Condospalillos

Many people are not yet in the habit of making food and taking it because they do not know how to preserve the food and / or have nowhere to take the lunch box. However, there are no more excuses, see? There are thousands of models of lunch boxes, thermal bags and very practical lunch boxes to make our life easier!

Where to buy?

I selected some beautiful and not obvious models for you to buy now and leave the house with all the meals ready ? I confess that Vitorino Campos’ handbag for Melissa is the one I loved the most, because it doesn’t resemble those thermal models at all!
lunch boxes-and-lunchboxes-nada-bregas-danielle-noce-1

  1. Bento Shop | R $ 290.00
  2. Vitorino Campos for Melissa | R $ 390.00
  3. Bento Shop | R $ 220.00
  4. 2GOBAG | R $ 525.99
  5. PACKAGE | R $ 280.00

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