Not only at the gym
Not only at the gym

Not only at the gym

Who was it that said sports pieces can’t leave the gym? Comfort, practicality and style! Our day-to-day looks are much more our face when we mix the fitness pieces in the visual.



Picture – Christiane Wyler

Sports jackets are great pieces to compose a look for the weekend, for example. There are thousands of very incredible prints and models!



Photo – Dirty Little Style Whoree Tumblr

Shorts are also true classics in our everyday look. How about replacing jeans with a much more modern model?



Picture – Lucky Mag

Very wide T-shirts are great for a very street style look. Use and abuse the versions with logos that are super hot!



Photo – Moda Freecs

It is obvious that one of my favorite pieces would not be left out. Tennis is easier to compose in a street look. He goes with everything from jeans to dresses!

Want to know where to find some of these pieces?


  1. MEMO jacket at Farfetch | R $ 289.90
  2. VivoFit Garmin Smart Bracelet at Centauro | R $ 599.99
  3. Adidas Shorts at OQVestir | R $ 119.00
  4. Adidas T-Shirt at Dafiti | R $ 99.90
  5. New Balance Sneakers at Netshoes | R $ 349.90

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