Not romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

Not romantic movies to watch on valentines day

I don’t know about you, but I think Valentine’s Day programs are a bit cliché! In addition to the restaurants and cinemas being packed, those who are not dating almost always spend the day down in that famous bad. So, how about doing something different and watching a super cool and unromantic movie?
I made a selection with six easy-to-find movies on the internet or on Netflix for you to enjoy this day in a new way and nothing obvious!


The French film was a huge box office success and it is no wonder. The film is based on real events and tells the story of an unusual millionaire caregiver who stayed quadriplegic. Omar Sy plays the assistant who has no experience in the field, Driss. The character is funny and our first impression is that he is the total opposite of the aristocrat Philippe (François Cluzet).
The drama is light, has several points of comedy and, at the same time, is super deep. The “unusual” friendship made me shed some tears, I confess!

The imitation game

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