November favorites: fashion and beauty

November favorites: fashion and beauty

Another month has passed and the end of the year is right there! In order not to lose the habit, I separated my favorite items of November. Unlike last month, I didn’t choose any makeup products, but there are several tips for clothes, accessories and even one perfume wonderful!
I separated 3 tips that were frequent this month and that I will definitely continue using for the next. In addition to telling a little of my experience with these items, I also briefly explain about their use in everyday life. And for those who want to watch the video where I show all the items, just press here.


November Favorites
The first tip is the combination of 2 or 3 necklaces to put together a very delicate look. That’s right, if you always had the impression that the excess of accessories left the look too loaded, I’ll show you that by making the right composition you can use it. To make this combination, I select 3 necklaces of Sizes varied. The secret is to choose different pieces, but that make sense together.
When it comes to organizing lengths, I always put a little chain short very close to the neck. Then, an intermediate necklace, which is not as long. And a longer one and little to stay close to the laps, giving a stretch to our torso. I really liked this mix of necklaces from Marisa Clermann and they represent very well the result that I wanted to achieve. Regarding brands and style, can you dare and choose how you prefer?


November Favorites
This style of trousers stole my heart and has been my darling of late. It’s that model that is between pants “mom” is “boyfriend“, You know? But wait, let’s differentiate these 3 then, so I take the opportunity to show why I’m preferring this style.
The pants “mom”Is known for having a high waist, but it has a closer shape to the body. The “boyfriend”Is a little wider and has a low waistband. The style sloppy is a mixture of these other two, has the waist high, but it is even more long.
In my opinion, the trousers sloppy is perfect on the body because it leaves the waist thin and the hips wide, giving a feeling of funnel. I really like to give a tripe in bar to give a charm and make it even more straight on the body!


November Favorites
The last favorite I’m wearing every day: the perfume Jasmine Immortelle Neroli L’occitane. In reality, this is not a perfume, but a Water of Toilette, that is, a lighter version of the essence.
THE Jasmine Immortelle Néroli was made by Pierre Hermé and has a floral fragrance Wonderful. Eau de Toilette is like a scented water that can be used by anyone and at any time.
Because it is not so strong, it is a great option for smelling the summer, since it is not so heavy and gives a certain freshness. Normally an Eau de Toilette lasts less time, about 5 hours after application, but nothing prevents you to reapply it several times, which will help to make you even more fresh.
What were your favorites from November? Comment on here and also check out the video I posted on IGTV giving more information.

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