Nudestix | Review

Nudestix |  Review

You know that lot of lipsticks, eyeshadows, bases and creamy concealers? On this trip I decided to test Nudestix creamy pencils. I didn’t know it very well, because unfortunately the brand is not sold in Brazil.
Basically, the brand has several makeup products, but all in the form of pencils. The tones are also wonderful, all pulling for the nude. This leaves the appearance of the skin very light and natural, as I said in this post.
The cool thing is that the products can be used on almost any face. The lipsticks turn into great blushes and, therefore, the name of this product in the photo is Pencils for lips and cheeks. I bought two colors: Love and Whisper. I loved both!
For the face I decided to buy the bronzer! THE Bronzing Pencil is 2 in 1, that is, two colors come in each pencil! I bought 2: o Brown Sugar + Earth it’s the Golden Sugar + Earth.
In the shadows, the Eyeliner it was a discovery! The lightest tone I bought, the Star dust, almost becomes an illuminator. THE Polishing it is a little darker and even has a little shine, but the skin has a great effect, very natural!
Here is a tip for those who are going to travel or have someone you know abroad! I was in love with the brand’s products, it is very worth it!

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