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The Nutmeg is one of the most admired spices and it is no wonder that a third of the world cultivates this little ball of charm. The nutmeg suggests a moment of silence to enjoy the little sound it makes when grated on the spot. Hmm! that little touch that only she can give when making a mashed potato, a white sauce, an apple pie filling, a cookie dough, among so many other recipes.
Originating in Indonesia, the moscow it is a tree that has an average height of 15m. It produces a fruit similar to apricot in shape and size, which when it ripens, breaks in half revealing the nut inside. When you see the fruit of the musket open, you notice that the nut is surrounded by a reddish membrane (called mace / mace), the two are separated and set to dry separately.
nutmeg antonio ickfdphoto: Patricia Fulton
Each spice and aromatic herb has distinct properties, far beyond flavors and aromas, because the essential oils they have have peculiar properties and can bring several health benefits. Unlike spices such as cinnamon and vanilla, which we can use to season or even act as the main flavors of dishes, nutmeg cannot be consumed in large volumes. If we abuse it in quantity, it will cause intoxication and in some cases, hallucinations. Use in pinches and it will bring some benefits: in addition to having iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal effects, helps regulate blood sugar, is digestive, antidepressant, benefits the functioning of the liver and kidneys and cooperates in weight loss.
nutmeg 2 antonio ickfdphoto: Nilton Jr
One of the most curious things I saw about nutmeg is that the nutmeg is a dioecious tree, that is, it has male flowers and female flowers. To attract pollinators, plants use colors and scents in their flowers. Want to attract someone? It makes a beautiful dish and adds a touch of nutmeg, not least because one of its properties is to warm up the climate.
Tip: Always use spices and herbs, but remember to diversify in types. In addition to ensuring variety of nutrients and having its benefits, you end up creating a delicious and fragrant menu, refining your taste and smell.

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