Nutrient-rich with zero calories Healing water is so healthy for your body

Nutrient-rich with zero calories Healing water is so healthy for your body

Again and again it says: Please drink more. In addition to normal mineral water, there are also all kinds of medicinal waters available. How does it differ from tap water? And who benefits from their ingredients?

Many just forget it. Drinking regularly during the day is a must. Water is considered an ideal drink, not least because it is low in calories. Some people want to do something good for themselves and resort to medicinal water instead of tap or mineral water.

The water is so healing

But does that really bring anything? In fact, it’s not all hocus-pocus. If it says healing water, there has to be healing: “In contrast to mineral water, spring or table water, healing water is not a food, but a medicine,” says Heidrun Schubert from the Bavarian Consumer Center in Munich “Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices” (BfArM).

As with other medicinal products, the bottlers of medicinal water must also prove the effectiveness as well as the quality and harmlessness of the product with scientific reports. “Legislators require extensive testing and documentation,” says Schubert. This is also reflected in the price: On average, medicinal water costs 73 cents per liter, says Corinna Dürr from the “Information Office Heilwasser”.

This is what makes medicinal waters so valuable

Medicinal waters come from deep rock layers. The rainwater that seeped into the ground has come a long way to get there. It was filtered in the process. At the same time, depending on the rock, it absorbs minerals. Different waters develop depending on the geological conditions.

Healing water is full of minerals

As a rule, they have a high content of minerals and trace elements, explains Prof. Johannes Georg Wechsler, President of the “Federal Association of German Nutritionists” (BDEM). They must contain at least one gram of dissolved minerals and trace elements.

Here we show you which superfoods also contain numerous valuable minerals …

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Medicinal waters relieve heartburn

The area of ​​application differs depending on the content of certain substances. For example, if you want to consume a lot of calcium or magnesium, you can do so with medicinal water. “Waters with a lot of sulfate, for example, stimulate digestion,” explains Dürr. Medicinal waters with hydrogen carbonate are said to relieve heartburn. “Medicinal water can also be drunk just for your own well-being,” adds Wechsler.

You should pay attention to this when buying medicinal water

The areas of application and drinking recommendations can be found on the label of the medicinal water bottle. “It is extremely important to look at the label,” says Wechsler. The analytical composition of the respective medicinal water can be read there. If the date is older, the specified proportions of minerals may no longer be correct.

Medicinal water is nutrient-rich with zero calories

Of course, medicinal waters are not a must. If you don’t feel like lugging boxes, you are usually well served with tap water. After all, most of the minerals can be found in other foods. Calcium is found in milk and magnesium in bananas. However, the medicinal water has one advantage: it contains the minerals, but no calories.

You can drink that much healing water

As a rule, the medicinal waters sold in bottles can be drunk in larger quantities every day – without a prescription. However, people with limited heart and kidney function should not ingest too much fluids at once. “In the case of existing illnesses, it can make sense to coordinate the use with your family doctor or other experienced health professionals,” says Dürr. Because it is not always sensible to supply certain substances in large quantities.

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