Nutrisom – Vegetarian Restaurant in SP

Nutrisom - Vegetarian Restaurant in SP

Today I will talk about Nutrisom, which is a restaurant in the center of São Paulo (there is another unit in Vila Olimpia), which is over 30 years old!
I went at approximately 13h because it is a restaurant that works exclusively for lunches.
The scheme is self service and has a single price. It can be salty if you work nearby and want to eat there every day, but sometimes it is worth it to go because you really eat a lot and have many delicious options! And as vegetarians, and especially vegans, lack options, Nutrisom is a good alternative.
It is a vegetarian restaurant but there are foods with dairy and eggs, but you who are vegan, you can rest assured, everything that is vegan is marked!
The buffet is quite large for both salads and hot dishes. Their forte is the variety, without a doubt! In addition to the traditional for a Brazilian lunch, there are different foods that mix fruit and jam, for example! For those who like to try new things, it’s worth it.
I made a dish with rice, beans, a potato and vegetable “steak”, risotto with mushrooms, zucchini stuffed with soy sauce and cheese on top, white gnocchi, soy kibbeh and broccoli.
I could eat a little bit of a lot of stuff! And if you want more, you can repeat the will! Nham!
You can also help yourself to juice and water at will! The only thing I didn’t like very much was the fact that the glasses are plastic, which is not as hygienic as glass glasses, due to the difficulty of sterilizing the material.
After eating really well, I had to be completely indecisive for dessert! Several more options, and this time, sweets!
I ended up getting a bit of cheesecake, rice pudding and condensed milk pudding cake.
For vegans, they offer gelatin based on agar agar, each day with a different flavor. Finally, there is a corner of the cafe, with a rain cookie, for those who have not tired of eating sweets. I really liked the restaurant! You leave well fed, and happy with life!
The hall is spacious, it fits a lot of people and the service is also very nice.
The place is a little hidden, you have to keep an eye on it so as not to pass straight, because it is on the top floor, that is, the entrance is in a discreet door.
Self service fee: R $ 27
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