Nutrition Finally variety on the salad plate

Nutrition Finally variety on the salad plate

Avocado, quinoa & Co .: We’ll tell you which ingredients you can spice up your salad with.

Salad, salad, always just salad. Are you bored of Eisberg, Romana and Batavia? But don’t want to miss out on lettuce because it helps you stay in line? We’ll tell you which ingredients you can use to easily get the green leaves out of the boring side dish and provide more nutrients.

Take advantage of the summer diversity

Iceberg tastes – let’s be honest – more like water than salad. Your taste buds will enjoy eating a lot more when you mix different varieties. Bring nutty flavors with rocket or lamb’s lettuce, slightly bitter notes with endive and radicchio or a pleasant mildness in the salad bowl with a few leaves of baby spinach. Kale is no longer an insider tip either – it has long been turning smoothies an intense green. But when it comes to lettuce, the strong leaves are still too often left out.

With other varieties you also provide enrichment in terms of nutrients. Lamb’s lettuce is the one with the most vitamins and minerals of all types of salad. The mustard oils, which give the rocket its distinctive sharpness, have an antibacterial effect. It also provides important folic acid and various B vitamins. Radicchio stimulates the production of digestive juices through the bitter substances. Anthocyanins give it its red color and protect our body cells from free radicals. Kale contains lots of vitamins A, C and K, important minerals like potassium and magnesium, and is rich in antioxidants.

Get more bite with cereals

Sure, it takes some effort to cook the grain first, but you save yourself a trip to the bakery if your stomach growls again. If you enrich your salad with cereals, it will turn into a full meal that will keep you full for a few hours.

Whether couscous, wheat or exotic species such as quinoa, kamut and amaranth – grain donates a lot of valuable protein, which is particularly important for vegetarians. They’re also high in fiber and full of B vitamins, and they’re healthier than bread.

With these extras you create colorful variety

Just a few slices of avocado, steamed sweet potatoes or a few flakes of goat cheese give the crunchy salad a pleasantly creamy consistency. Nuts and fresh sprouts provide extra variety and extra bite. A few pomegranate seeds, soy seeds or cooked chickpeas as a topping not only make the salad super delicious, but also make it richer in nutrients. Not to mention the look!

Say goodbye to the “salad dressing”!

A dressing made from vinegar and oil can be mixed quickly, but it turns every salad into a uniform paste. With just a few squirts of lemon or lime juice or a little mint, ginger or coriander, the salad becomes wonderfully refreshing in no time!

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