Nutrition of the stars You want Heidi Klum’s dream body? Here she reveals her secret

Nutrition of the stars You want Heidi Klum's dream body?  Here she reveals her secret

Supermodel Heidi Klum shines as always and still almost wrinkle-free! Now she has revealed her beauty recipe, which you too can easily follow from home.

Always with a smile on her face and always in top form – that’s how we know top model Heidi Klum (45)! It seems as if the years will pass by Germany’s model mom without a trace. We are all the more pleased that Heidi now shares her approach with us!

That is Heidi Klum’s magic formula

To one tighten belly and one firm bottom How to get Heidi Klum is not even a big hocus-pocus necessary! The mother of four children starts the day with a smoothie. During the following hours she takes three main meals, as she reveals to “Entertainment Tonight”.

Here you can find the recipe for a delicious banana and kiwi smoothie!

Kiwi banana smoothie

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Heidi’s top tip for quick success

Heidi Klum eats her last meal around 6 p.m.she continues. This not only stimulates your digestion, but also improves it. also An early dinner has a positive effect on body and weight. This creates a kind of short fasting break and stimulates the body’s self-healing powers.

What does the top model eat?

Heidi Klum only uses home-cooked food fresh and high quality food on the table. This is the only way she knows what is really in her meals and that the quality is right.

Every now and then a restaurant visit is of course not absent, but it remains an exception and there is a good reason for that: Often you just don’t know what is really behind the dishes that you get served there, says Heidi Klum.

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