Nutrition tips summer, sun, fattening up: Beware of these calorie bombs in summer

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In summer, the bikini figure should last as long as possible, so a healthy and low-calorie diet is a must. But in many supposedly “healthy” delicacies there is more sugar and Co. in them than you might think.

A refreshing juice spritzer or a delicious salad – is that the perfect summer meal to stay slim and healthy? Not even close! Because the delicious juices and the ready-made sauces for the salad contain many more calories than you suspect. We’ll show you five calorie bombs that don’t show the fattening properties at first glance.

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1. Hidden fattening foods: fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies experience a real hype in summer, because they are a delicious alternative to water and also extremely healthy. What many do not know: In addition to all the important vitamins and nutrients, a fruit smoothie contains an enormous amount of fructose and that in a concentrated form. A small smoothie can add five to seven sugar cubes in between. A real calorie bomb when you consider that you haven’t eaten a bite with it.

The healthier alternative

In general, you should always mix your smoothies yourself. Use low-sugar fruits, such as berries. You should only use bananas and apples in small amounts. Raw vegetables are also a wonderful, figure-friendly alternative: spinach, cucumber, kale, beetroot and carrots are very popular and can be easily processed into delicious drinks.

2. Hidden fattening foods: barbecue and salad dressings

Summer is food fresh from the grill. A few ready-made grill and salad sauces also sweeten the evening. And this is exactly where the problem lies, because These ready-made sauces are real sugar and fat traps and turn your salad or the good piece of meat into a real calorie bomb.

The healthier alternative

Do it yourself! So you can decide which ingredient should really go into your cocktail sauce. Instead of mayo you then use yogurt and instead of sugar just a spoonful of honey. Fresh spices give your dips that special touch.

On the subject: Iced Flavored Coffe Latte or Java Chip Chocolate Cream Frappuccino – so many calories are really in the delicious coffee drinks!

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Healthy eating
“Calories To Go”: These are the biggest calorie traps in the coffee shop

An Iced Flavored Latte, an Iced Americano or a Java Chip Chocolate Cream Frappuccino? If you go to one of the coffee shops these days that you can find on every street corner, one thing is clear: Dröger coffee was yesterday! The variety of coffee-related offers has increased over the past few years, but many people also fall into the calorie trap. We’ll tell you about these secret fattening things!

3. Hidden fattening foods: fruit yogurts

A refreshing fruit yoghurt as a delicious dessert for dinner sounds like a low-calorie alternative to ice cream and Co. However, according to the online portal “verbü”, a fruit yoghurt with a cherry flavor contains 13.7 grams of sugar per 100 grams. That’s about 11.5 cubes of sugar in a 250 gram cup.

The healthier alternative

Prepare your own natural yoghurt with seasonal fruit. Frozen berries are also ideal for this. Simply mix with a hand blender to a puree and mix into the natural yoghurt.

4. Hidden fattening foods: iced coffee

A delicious iced coffee as a calorie-conscious alternative to the sundae? Better not. Because the nutritionist Sven-David Müller told the online magazine “” that an iced coffee with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream can provide up to 650 calories. A wickedly delicious calorie bomb!

The healthier alternative

Coffee with ice cubes. Whether crushed ice or whole ice cubes, with cold milk and cooled coffee, this drink is an alternative for figure-conscious people.

5. Hidden fattening foods: fruit juice spritzers

In the heat there is nothing like a well-chilled fruit juice spritzer. But be careful: Because not only sodas contain a lot of sugar. If you drink a lot of them, juice spritzers also have a high concentration of fructose and are therefore hidden fatteners.

The healthier alternative

Water with taste, also known as “infused water”. To do this, add fruit, vegetables or herbs to your water and let it steep in the refrigerator for a while. The water takes on the taste over time and is also wonderfully refreshing, without any calories. Mixtures with lemon, cucumber or ginger slices and fresh mint are particularly popular.

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