NY City Chocolate Tour

New York is one of the gastronomy capitals in the world. Whatever you think about eating, you will surely find here. New York is also a popular city, full of landmarks and things to see and do all the time. I have come and gone from this city since my arrival in 2008. But I am still far from knowing everything … in fact, everything here is changing: because every day something new happens … the city boils … and it is very frantic. The unique and the exclusive happen here too. And the unforgettable accompanies you when you leave here. What is traditional, you will certainly find when you return, but the ephemeral, the limited, the here and now remains in the memory.

I’m here philosophizing about NY to tell you how incredible this city is, you can find tours that combine gastronomy and tourism all together and mixed in one. There is a company that specializes in tours like this and one afternoon, I took the Chocolate and ameiiiiiii tour, it was a two-hour walk through the neighborhoods of Meatpacking District, Greenwich Village and Soho, visiting incredible places, listening to stories and experiencing everything (yes everything) with too much chocolate. It was so cool that not even the torrential rain that crossed our path made me miss seeing the beautiful rainbow that formed in the sky afterwards.

For those who want to venture out, the Tour works like this: you buy your ticket on line (www.greatnewyorktours.com) and already make the reservation for the date on the website itself. On the booked day, you appear at the meeting point with your proof of purchase in hand.

And so our journey through the world of chocolates began here at the Big Apple. At 5:00 pm, a group of 20 people gathered in front of the Chelsea Market and walked along the itinerary that I will post here:

Paraiso dos Foodies here… I advise you to arrive early and explore the various shops and restaurants inside. With a hipster vibe and full of news, you will find stores specializing in charcuterie, milk, coffee, cookies, ice cream, spices and everything else that your imagination allows. In fact, the trip to the Meatpacking District is already worth the visit. A neighborhood full of pop up stores, clothing brands and designers, very interesting and cool to meet

This was the first stop on the Tour in Greenwich Village. Considered the oldest chocolate shop in the city, founded in 1923 by a Greek immigrant, they continue to make gourmet chocolates by hand, without the use of modern machinery. It is the only store in town, and is worth a visit for its history, age and flavor.

Choc Lilac Tour

The second stop, already in the West Village, was at the Chocolate Bar store “for adults”, as the fillings are salted caramel, coffee, pepper … flavors that give a kick and that only “grown ups” will appreciate. Great for giving chocolate lovers foodies to your friends!

Choc Chocolate Bar Tour

It is a crime to come to NY and not taste a cupcake from here… I already made a post just about this place but like the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting that I ate on this day of the tour, I never saw it !! We passed the Bleecker Street store, the one made famous by the show Sex and the city. In fact, the bench in the episode where Magnolia Bakery appears is right here, in front of the store. Tour bonus: the guide told us incredible stories from this neighborhood.

Tour Choc Magnolia Bakery

Soon after, it was time to stop at Milk and Cookies, a very small cookie shop, which smells of fresh batch all the time… because they believe that nothing is more comforting than a fresh, still hot cookie… and really, the that we tasted chocolate with two drops of chocolate was a sin… the store is located next to the narrowest building in Manhattan, which was built in an alley and has broken numbers (things from here)… ah! It is close to the building facade used in the Friends series as well.

Choc Milk and Chocolate Tour

Well, this macaroon shop is cute but what I tasted was a long way from being one of the best in NY … I was disappointed … it was hard and the icing was a horror … I just hope this impression was unfortunate for that day …

Choc Bisou Ciao Tour

Soho’s newest chocolate store lives up to the fuss that has been in the media. Founded by an Indian who grew up in the United States, the store combines high quality chocolate with spices and flavors from India and the Middle East, such as the slate we taste of white chocolate with mango and paprika. It was the best chocolate on the tour without a doubt. Then I will write a post only about this store, I want you to understand how passionate I was for this place.

Choc Xocolatti Tour

Biagio Settepani may even be a super renowned chef in the world of Confectionery, but I was not impressed with the chocolate Canoli we tried. One factor needs to be taken into account: it was the penultimate place visited and I confess that I should be suffering from an overdose of chocolate in my vein … anyway, I was not enchanted either with the decoration or with any of the Italian-French confectionery items on the display. I got the impression that it is a place that makes confectionery on a large scale without care… despite the traditional confectionery.
Tour Choc Pasticceria BrunoVosges (www.vosgeschocolate.com)
The last stop, already in Soho, was Vosges Chocolates. A chocolate boutique as exotic as the chocolates they offer. Here it is worth the visit, it is only forbidden to photograph … which in my opinion is silly, but anyway … I tried the chocolate with sea salt and ended up taking a bar of dark chocolate with smoked bacon home. “High end” chocolate I can say. I already want to go back to try other flavors. Vosges Haunt Chocolate, founded by Katrina Markoff consists of a fusion of spices, flowers, herbs, liquors and roots gathered during her travels around the world, creating a sensory experience that shows us and makes us appreciate the different cultures around the world . Despite the ban on photos, the exotic flavors are worth the curiosity.

Tour Choc Voges Haut Choc

We ended this day suffering from an overdose of chocolate for sure … lol … under a torrential rain and full of flavors that will remain in memory. Excellent way to end a Wednesday, to tell you the truth =].

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