Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

Despite being a small country, Portugal is full of surprises, with unique and little explored places. The village of Óbidos is one of those charming places that few tourists usually add to the itinerary. I understand that tours around the region are very limited, but they are all interesting and tell a little about the country’s history. The village is inside a wall from the Roman era, in the style of Aigues-Mortes, a French commune that Paulo and I visited a while ago!
I think this style of place all walled is cute, because it’s like we’re entering a different time than you know? Part of the walls suffered some damage because of a major earthquake that hit Portugal in 1755, but the charm of the place remains the same. If you are interested in visiting this incredible place, you can now prepare to write down all the tips I selected ?

How to get

Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

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Óbidos is just over 80 km from Lisbon, that is, it will not be an extremely long and tiring trip. If you have a rental car, the journey time will be around one hour. As I already told you in other posts about Portugal, it is much easier to travel around the country having a vehicle for all tours.
But, if you can’t drive or just prefer other means of transport, you can also reach the village by train. In this case, the trip takes about two hours. It is also not such a long time, especially if we consider that the destination will be a very different place. I promise it’s worth the trip!

Where to stay

Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

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In order not to leave you in doubt with many hotel options, I selected the three most recommended in the region. Rio do Prado, for example, is a little far from the center and would be a good option for those with a car. In addition to having a modern style and a more rustic decor, they also offer very interesting activities, such as group cooking class.
The Literary Man is close to several tourist attractions. The rooms at this hotel also follow a more rustic footprint, but one of its distinguishing features is its huge library. They are books from all over the world, forming an incredible space full of different stories.
Last but not least, Pousada Castelo de Óbidos. Her style is very classic and, as the name goes, is inside the Óbidos Castle itself. For those who enjoy visiting historical places, this is the perfect opportunity to stay in one.

Where to eat

Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

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One of the things you will hear most about Óbidos is the famous Ginjinha. The drink is made from cherry, a fruit very similar to cherry. Another custom of the village is to drink cherry in chocolate cups, so be sure to do so. Ah, one of the best bars to taste the drink is the Bar Ibn Errik Rex!
As for meals, two of the most popular restaurants there are the Already! My Ja! My it’s the Pocket Cake. Both serve very traditional dishes from Portugal, with classic recipes that will make your mouth water just by smelling them. Another place worth trying is the Alcaide Restaurant. It has great options for soups and salads on the menu ?

What to visit

Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

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The streets of Óbidos are charming in themselves, mainly because of the little houses painted in white and the flowers decorating some buildings. Even if you have a road map, be sure to explore the village without having a set course. Regarding tourist spots, one of the most visited is, without a doubt, the Obidos Castle.
In addition to it, Porta da Vila it’s at Santiago Church they are also points that usually attract several tourists. The municipality of Óbidos also has an initiative to transform the place into a small literary village. For this reason, you will find books in very unusual places, such as in Organic Market. If you want to know more about the project and take a look at the event dates, just click here.
To get out of the center a little and get to know the nature of the region, Obidos Lagoon it’s at Foz do Arelho Beach are good options. They are further away from the center, but are worth a visit. If you have time, stop by Caldas da Rainha. The city is super cute and they have great cafes, like the Central Café it’s the King of Cavacas.


Óbidos: A Passionate Medieval Village

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Even though it is a small village, Óbidos is the stage for several very interesting festivals. For lovers of literature, FOLIO is an international festival that brings together writers and readers from different places. The International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos is also an incredible opportunity to try different chocolates, but it usually happens only at the beginning of the year.
The Medieval Market is also a very different event and usually takes place at the end of the year. Now in 2018, for example, it took place between July 12 and August 5. For those who have never stopped loving magic at Christmas, Vila Natal transforms Óbidos. If you want to participate in any of these festivals, just try to plan your trip for the time of the event!
Óbidos is that kind of city that delights anyone who goes to it, you know? The food is delicious and the places are charming. If I left some very interesting place outside this post, be sure to comment on it here ?

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