October Favorites: Glow for face and body

October Favorites: Glow for face and body

After the success that was showing you the favorites of September, I come here to tell you what were my favorite products of October! During that month I made several makeup videos for IGTV and many of the products I tested ended up becoming my favorites!
October Favorites
I separated 3 items that worked a lot for my skin type and that were certainly worth the investment. Besides telling my experience, I also explain a little how it works each one of them.


October Favorites
The first recommendation is a product that I have been using for a long time and I never run out. As you may already be tired of listening, it is very important moisturize the skin. Especially in times when the climate is a little drier – which was the case for much of the last month in São Paulo. In addition to moisturizing, we also need strengthen our skin regardless of the time of year. So, along with the moisturizers that I apply all over my body, I use this oil to leave the skin fortified, especially in regions such as the hips, belly and thighs.
The Huile Tonic is made 100% with plant extracts hazelnut, geranium, mint and rosemary. More than helping to tone and improve elasticity of his skin, I realized that he really softens the appearance of existing stretch marks. I used this product for 5 years and it really became a life’s favorite!


October Favorites
With that cute and funny name, the mask of “Control of chaos” is one of my darlings of the moment. I received this mask from Shiseido to try it on and I’m sure I’ll keep buying it when it’s done! It is one of the few masks that arrive at the result that I like with just two layers of application.
The main differential of this mask is its light formula and the strong pigmentation black. In addition to lengthening the lashes and making them very voluminous, the product does not accumulate forming those little mice that I personally don’t like. Aah, the mask still has option to 4 cores that last until 24 hours after application.


October Favorites
These shadows are the true translation of SHINE! I have used the 5 color options and what I like most about them is the texture. Although they look like pasties, they really are between a cream and a powder. Calm that I already explain: applying with the fingers, the effect is more pigmented and resembles a creamy shade. To blur with a brush, the effect is more discreet and the texture becomes a finer powder.
I’ve been using it a lot in my IGTV videos (@nocedanielle) and the coolest thing is that you can make several combinations for different situations. The five colors available are: aura, reflect, foil, smoke and blaze. Sincerely? I indicate them all, but if I had to talk about only two, it would definitely be the reflect and leaf.
AN reflect is great to pass in the corner of the eye to give a special shine; me and thwart it’s for when you want to do a more impactful makeup, after all, everyone for sure will notice this wonderful golden! It turns out that this line is a limited edition Hourglass and as we still don’t know until when they will be available, I recommend testing and, if you like, do like me: a stock from them!
What were your favorites? Comment here and take the opportunity to see the video where I showed all these products!

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