Office chairs!

Office chairs!

Chairs are indispensable elements in any decoration, especially when talking about offices. Investing in a super comfortable model is very important for those who spend most of the day at the computer. As I will have to decide soon the pieces for decoration of the new production company, I decided to post some good inspirations here on the blog.

Foto – Apartamento Terapia

First of all it is important to think about how long you will use the chair on a daily basis. I separated the references in two parts: for those who always use them and for those who use them from time to time. The needs for these spaces are different, so there is nothing more fair than talking a little more about each one.

For those who use a lot!


Photos – Casa e Jardim Magazine, Home Stories, Decor Love Tumblr, Creative Affairs, Contance Zahn and I Love Home Office

For those who live studying or working on the computer, it is good to invest a higher amount in the chair, see? High and flexible backrests, caster feet and adjustable seat height are some essential features for the model. For those looking for options for a commercial room or larger offices, it is also important to buy a chair with adjustable arms – depending on the person’s height, the model may be adapted ?
The pieces with canvas and leather (synthetic or not) are the most common and recommended. In addition, the “cutest” seat helps to make the environment more cozy!

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