Office Desk: How to Facilitate Organization?
Office desk how to facilitate organization

Office Desk: How to Facilitate Organization?

For a person as passionate about organization and decoration as I am, setting up an office is almost like a dream. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but that is incredible, I can’t deny it.

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There are still a few months to go until the top of the producer is ready, but why not take this time to share even more references with you? Last year I had already made a video and a post telling a little about my inspirations. However, today I want to show you some ideas for organization that work in any workspace!


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I know that there is no shortage of cute decorating options – who is crazy about stationery as I should already know what I’m talking about. But shall we speak for real? What is the use of having several vases, notebooks, planners, pens and bottles on the counter? This only disturbs, accumulates dust and creates a polluted environment.
Everything you need to have on hand can be left in trays and folders on the counter to keep the space clean. Aah, and when it comes to drinking, I always prefer closed bottles to avoid accidents, okay?


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You will probably accumulate a lot of paperwork and items over the course of days. Documents, slips, post-its… As much as you are not an accumulator, at work it is almost impossible not to use paper. As the free bench is essential, take advantage of the vertical space of the environment. Panels and baskets on the walls help a lot ?
If your table faces a window or you don’t have the space available on the wall, use and abuse the drawers, file cabinets and lockers. Compartments never hurt!


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As I mentioned in the previous topic, compartments are always welcome. To maintain the organization it is superimportant to define the right place for everything. The bills? You can stay in that file on the table. The books? In the second drawer. Visit cards? In the corner of the shelf. Desk organizers and drawer dividers are always great options.
If you are not a very adept person in the organization, you may have already been lazy, but I swear that this extra “work” when organizing your things will be done only once. Then just keep the items in your spaces and you will never be looking for that important document for hours, you know? It is much more productive!


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As I am passionate about stationery, I confess that this is the most difficult topic for me. However, it cannot be denied that digital makes our daily lives too easy. Try exchanging your 5 notebooks for a planner (or organizer) and a notepad – I swear you don’t need more than that.
Important documents / accounts can be scanned and then archived away from your desk, in a specific space. Let’s use technology to our advantage, right? In addition to saving physical space, it is much safer.


As I mentioned several specific items of organization during the post, I obviously made a selection with beautiful pieces that not only help in organizing but also to compose the decoration of your work corner. I hope you like it ?

1- Grid post office at Tok & Stok – R $ 59.90
2- Mabe4Kids Pegboard at Elo7 – R $ 185.00
3- Copper Magazine in the Americas – US $ 107.99
4- My Notes Marbled Notebook at Renner – R $ 29.90
5- Cubist silver at Muma. – R $ 200.00
6- Table Archive at Americanas – R $ 52,30
7- Kit Pyramid at Tok & Stok – R $ 155.90
8- Drawer Lucy on Etna – R $ 449.90
9- Tray for Accessories at Muma. – R $ 62.00
10- Adjustable Drawer Organizer at Americanas – R $ 24.90

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