On sale chocolates and coffees – Recife

On sale chocolates and coffees - Recife

Do you like to have coffee, eat a nice slice of cake and chat? If your answer is yes, it’s time to get to know this delightful and charming place. On here, On Sale, you will enjoy several typical flavors from Pernambuco.
When a friend of mine told me about this place, she told me about coffee made in a cloth strainer, right away! This automatically enchanted me, but for my happiness, many more surprises awaited me.
The partners Isabele, Lygia and Roberta bring to the shelves cakes made by their families (Bolo de Dona Del, Bolo de tia Nadja and Bolo da Vovó Vanda) and value the artisanal producers, who besides sustaining a culture, generates income for a community without harming the environment, based on the Slow Food movement!
I tried coffee made with a cloth strainer, which tasted like a grandmother’s house to me. It is made in front of you, at the table, and that’s when I learned that it is 100% Arabica, ecological and organic, grown in the municipality of Taquaritinga do Norte – PE.
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I have also tasted and recommend North Forest Pie, made from coconut, cashew nuts and cashew raisin asleep in organic cachaça, there is no way to describe how delicious it is, but I can tell you that it is well balanced, full of textures and flavors that would make anyone capable of “killing” for dessert ”, it is not extremely sweet and its harmonization combines very well elements from the state of Pernambuco. By the way, all the suppliers of this pleasant place are artisanal producers and / or organic and ecological farmers from all regions of the state.
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How about toast with butter or jams of araçá, umbu, mangaba, pepper? Or acerola ice cream sweetened with honey, interspersed with sponge cake and melted chocolate?
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Not resisting a last temptation, I passed by the chocolates produced in the state’s Agreste, in the municipality of Garanhuns and took home some souvenirs.
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The menu (which is weekly) always leaves me with doubts, but no one leaves there without knowing what they are eating or without knowing where it came from! Worth checking out!
Mon: 14:00 – 20:00
Tue – Sat: 09:00 – 20:00
Address: Rua Amélia, n.373, Graças, Recife-PE

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