One Hour Less Sleep Nine Crazy Facts About Time Change
One hour less sleep nine crazy facts about time change

One Hour Less Sleep Nine Crazy Facts About Time Change

On Sunday night the clock is put forward by one hour. That means the time change for our body …

It’s that time again next weekend. Summer time is coming. For us this means one thing above all: less sleep! Because in the night from Saturday to Sunday the clock is put forward one hour. But why actually? We reveal the ten craziest facts about Time Change.

Above in the video: How to remember in which direction the clock is switched!

1. The Briton William Willet is considered to be the inventor of summer time. In 1907 he suggested putting the clocks forward one hour in spring. This should make better use of daylight in the evening.

2. Germany did not achieve this conversion until nine years later, during the First World War. But after the end, daylight saving time was abolished again until there was another time change during the Second World War. But the second attempt also failed in 1950. The clocks have only been regularly changed since 1980.

3. But we don’t save energy with it. On the contrary! It is now even known that even more energy is consumed. The reason for this is, for example, that more heating is required in the morning.

Damage to health due to the time change

4. Due to the change from winter to summer time, our body has to go through a lot. Above all, the immune system is thrown out of balance. Then we are more prone to colds and infections.

5. The risk of heart attack also increases over time. According to the DAK, ambulances report about 25 percent more patients with heart problems – especially women and the elderly.

6. But our social life also suffers as a result: According to a survey, one in four people sets the clock incorrectly – and one in ten has already been late for an appointment as a result.

7. Even our pets hate change. For example, dogs have their fixed eating times. They cannot understand the constant change.

8. Be careful in traffic: According to the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine, the changed time leads to around eight percent more traffic accidents. In addition, the German hunting association warns of an increased risk of accidents involving game.

9. In order to survive the “mini jetleg”, lots of exercise and fresh air are recommended. For example, go jogging in the morning. In three days, healthy people should have gotten used to the change in time.

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