One of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen
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One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen

You know when a text is good when you feel like the person who wrote it and can feel the emotions of the words on your skin. With videos, films and photographs it is also like that, and I always think something like “Wow! How come I never thought of doing that before? ”. With this advertisement it was more or less in the same scheme. The only thing I wanted, while watching the fast and colorful scenes, was that those 60 seconds would never end, and that I could continue to admire each take, each camera movement until I overdosed. It’s like when you watch a ballet, you know? The steps and turns are so mesmerizing that they seem impossible.
video butter2video butter1
And there’s another one. The subject is food, so obviously I would like it, and the way the video addresses cooking is just great. Prepared? So play and enjoy.

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