Openings of the week: December 10

Openings of the week: December 10

How about enjoying news in the cinema? Today, three incredible films are showing and I’m sure it will be a great program for this weekend!

On fire


Photo – Disclosure

I had the opportunity to watch the film and it is very good: both the story and the actors – Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones (protagonist) and Sienna Miller as Helene Sweeney (supporting). The two actors had already worked together on Sniper Americano last year.
The plot is based on the life of Adam, a renowned chef who ends up losing his prestige thanks to drugs and strong temper. He left Paris, where he had a restaurant, to try life in London. There, he meets Helene who starts to work as his helper. It’s a great dramatic comedy and you can still understand a little of the intense universe of restaurant kitchens. Super recommended!

Eyes of Justice movies-cinema-premiere-10-december-2015-danielle-noce-2

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I’m dying to run to the movies and watch this suspense inspired by the Argentine film The Secret of Your Eyes, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2010. The story, for those who have not seen the film, tells the story of a detective who has been after solving a crime for more than a decade.
In the American version, who gives life to the protagonist Ray is Chiwetel Ejiofor. In addition to him, Nicole Kidman plays the head of the FBI team, Claire; and Julia Roberts takes on the role of Jess, Ray’s partner and mother of the murdered girl.

Labyrinth of Lies

Alexander Fehling (function: Johann Radmann)

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German production goes back to 1958 and it is clear that Nazism appears as the main theme. With the end of the war, Nazism was not eliminated – it just dissipated in the streets. Many Nazis were still scattered throughout Germany and that is precisely what the film is about.

Attorney Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling) has access to some classified documents and begins prosecuting former SS members (who served in Auschwitz). He ends up encountering the horrors of World War II and seeing that many people still powerful are involved. In the midst of so many lies and not knowing who to trust, the young man continues his investigation.

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