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Cooking isn’t fun every day. Sometimes you’re just too tired, too exhausted, or don’t have the right ingredients at home. Calling the delivery service is just the right time! But what to do when you are on a diet?

The usual delivery services aren’t exactly known for a healthy menu. Pizza service, Asians and the like offer tasty but often also unhealthy food that doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight. But there are alternatives! We’ll show you what you can easily order from the delivery service without having a guilty conscience during your diet.

1. The classic: How to order healthy food from an Italian

The pizza service is the classic among delivery services. Pretty much every one of us orders a delicious pizza every now and then. But if you want to lose weight, a thickly topped salami pizza is not the best option. Pasta dishes with rich cream sauces are also more figure killers than weight loss helpers.

These are the healthier options

A green salad always works. You can also order a salad from the delivery service. If you really crave something fatty, you should still avoid the large pizza. Opt for a small, thin-crust pizza topped with broccoli and a mixed salad on the side.

If you don’t want to do without pasta, you should at least use tomato sauces and leave out the cheese. When it comes to salads, it’s better to have little dressing, preferably vinegar and oil. Mozzarella or fried chicken are also calorie traps on the salad plate.

If you still feel like a dessert after your meal, this microwave cake is just the thing!

Recipe: Fruity apple and oatmeal cup cake

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2. The casual one: This is how you order healthy food from the Mexican

Enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, sour cream, wheat tortillas, with cheese on top – doesn’t sound exactly healthy and figure-friendly. Latin American cuisine also has really healthy options.

These are the healthier options

Inquire if you can get fajitas wrapped in salad to avoid the wheat tortilla. Better to have a portion of guacamole delivered to you instead of sour cream.

And here the rule is: forego rice and prefer grilled meat. The ideal combination: vegetables meet a portion of protein – healthy and filling.

You can find even more delicious and healthy dishes to order here.

Burger on slate plate

This is how healthy fast food works!
Attention fast food junkies: You can order these dishes with a clear conscience

Most of the food at fast food chains is far too greasy and high in calories and therefore makes you fat. But there are some products that you can at least eat every now and then.

3. The Mediterranean: How to order healthy food from the Greek

Juicy gyros on a portion of rice, a big dollop of tzatziki with it – a calorie bomb par excellence! But there is also a large selection of healthy alternatives for the Greeks: Greek food is famous for its delicious starters and delicious fish dishes.

These are the healthier options

Grilled fish fillets and squid in particular are great healthy options with the Greek delivery service. Different types of vegetables are only served in olive oil and herbs and help you lose weight. Super tasty: hummus! Better to dip with low-calorie and healthy vegetable sticks than spread it on pita bread.

4. Der Scharfe: How to order healthy food from the Indian

In Indian cuisine, care is taken to ensure that it not only tastes good, but is also good for the body. This is of course a great starting point for eating healthy and losing weight, isn’t it? Watch out for papadams, samosas or fried vegetables: these are real calorie traps! These foods are not suitable for weight loss. There are other dishes that are all the more suitable.

These are the healthier options

Tandoori dishes that are baked in the oven contain fewer calories than curries, which are often made with cream and coconut milk. The spices of Indian cuisine are considered fat-burning and slimming: cinnamon curbs the appetite, caraway seeds and cardamom stimulate the metabolism. So it can be spicy.

5. The exotic: How to order healthy food from an Asian

Those who like to eat Asian are in luck. Because Asian cuisine is generally considered to be very healthy. The big drawback: The vast amounts of rice that are often served with Asian dishes are pure carbohydrates and therefore often taboo if you want to lose weight.

These are the healthier options

If you do without rice, stir-frys are the right dishes for you. Opt for a low-calorie variant with tofu or fish. With brown rice instead of white, curries are also a healthy alternative.

Caution: In sushi, the rice is sometimes sweetened. So exercise caution. Instead, order a healthy and delicious miso soup and summer rolls instead of fried spring rolls.

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