Oreo launches "skinny" version
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Oreo launches “skinny” version

How do you eat the stuffed cookie? Bite it whole or open it in half, scraping the filling with your teeth before finishing the other crunchy bands? For me, the most delicious way is to soak in the cold milk and eat while you can feel the “croc croc” in a delicious balance. Well, but in fact the focus here is different (sorry to have escaped the subject, is that it is so good to digress from time to time, isn’t it? Hehe) because there is something new in the Oreo world!
Recently, Mondelez International Inc., responsible for the brand, launched the Oreo Thin: a version with the same size of the cookie (or cookie? you decide) stuffed, only more… thin. Yeah! The difference is that the new one is 5 millimeters thinner and has less filling, which makes it less caloric. Four Oreo cookies have 160 calories, while the same portion of Oreo Thin has 140. Éééé… It doesn’t make that difference, but the whole point here has to do with the brand’s purpose, which intends to launch the new version as a more sophisticated.
If you want to take a look at the comparison between the two cookies, ABC News made a series of gifs with comments about “how it feels to dip this Oreo in milk, open it to lick the filling” and so on. Click here and check it out; D
There in China, the brand sold almost R $ 130 million of Oreo Thins in just eight months! It debuted in the USA on July 13th and here … Well, I think the way is to wait a while, if it will appear on the supermarket shelves. If you know someone who is going to Uncle Sam’s land, ask to bring some packages for us to try; D
Oreo Thin’s flavors are traditional, white chocolate and mint. What did you think of this new version?
#ICKFD recipes with Oreo:

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