Organic Bakery Bread – Sao Paulo

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I had been wanting to go to PÃO for a while, so one day going up to Bela Cintra to go home I decided to stop by to see what it was like. I’m a fan of organic food and I always try to buy everything as organic, and as I had read in several places that the bakery was organic, incredible and cozy, I decided to stop by and buy some rolls to take home. I got there around 7:00 pm and the place was packed, however when asking what bread they would have for me to take, the attendant informed me that there was only one wholegrain with apricots and almonds and one with grains. I bought the apricot and I found nothing special when I ate the bread coming home. Still, I decided to give the bakery a second chance, and I went back there about three weeks later with my husband and a friend to have a snack around 4pm.
We arrived, the place was empty. We took the menu, which is just a printed sheet, which I would think would be great if it was a sheet that they updated according to the ingredients they have in the house to make snacks, but that was not our surprise. My friend and I ordered a goat cheese sandwich with fig jam, my husband ordered a tomato quiche, the girl made the order and came back soon after saying that the goat cheese could only make a sandwich. My very kind friend said I could have the sandwich and ordered a tomato quiche. After five more minutes the girl returned saying that she had no more tomato quiches and that the two should exchange the order. And that is what they did, they ordered two croque monsieurs, which really came very tasty. However, my sandwich came extremely hard, as if the bread had been heated in the microwave and instead of fig jam, came an olive paste, which was not bad, but it was not what I ordered.
Anyway, after those two episodes I won’t be back there anytime soon, for sure. Honestly, I can’t understand why not change the menu as it is printed on one sheet only, if you don’t have these products. Or at least inform your employees that some things are missing and delete the menu. I would have liked to have eaten other things there, but after so much trouble I was already late and had to leave. Unfortunately I couldn’t kill for BREAD, but that is just my humble opinion.
PHOTO: Danielle Noce – IG: icouldkillfordessert

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